ASI Reisen, Travel company, Natters, Austria

When ASI Reisen was to build a new head office they appointed Snøhetta as the creative lead. Snøhetta and ASI Reisen’s employees jointly developed the design concept where the main source of inspiration was the symbiosis between nature and humanity.  

The office building is made of timber and built in a way to minimize the environmental footprint. The office space itself is open and filled with custom-made height-adjustable Works desks. Snøhetta was very particular when it came to the colour of the desks and landed in an earthy tone called mushroom. To create dynamic to the open space office they decided to mix the smaller and larger sizes of the desks (160x78 cm & 180x78 cm).

Other products in ASI Reisen’s office are wire screens (these were also custom-made in black), fabric sleeves to reduce the sound level and to create more privacy and our pull-out drawers to give all pens and smaller items a place for themselves.

Photographer: Christian Flatscher