String® is a great sous-chef

Regardless of your cooking ambitions, we believe everyone deserve functional kitchen furniture with smart and flexible storage solutions. With kitchen shelves from String you will get all the help you need in the kitchen. We have created lots of kitchen combinations that will not compromise the kitchens aesthetics over the function. You will find lots of inspiring kitchen solutions suitable for a kitchenette or for a full kitchen, and every size in-between. Choose between shelving combinations consisting of either wall panels or floor panels, or a mix of the two. Our secret when creating shelving solutions for different types of kitchens lays in the smart accessories and the genius folding table. If you have a narrow kitchen, or just do not want to waste space, the folding table will become your best friend. Also add as many rods, hooks, knife holders or hanger racks as you need in order to fit all your kitchen gadgets. With kitchen furniture from String® you will have a design proofed kitchen that at least makes you look like a professional, regardless of your cooking skills.