A living room for your way of living

How do you envision your living room? Follow your inspiration, and make it a room of your own. A room that suits you and how you live. With String shelving, you can rethink, remake, replace, or rebuild whenever you like. A String shelf can be turned into a sideboard. Or a place for your TV set. Maybe you’d like to use String shelves to create a wall of storage featuring lots of books and an integrated, foldable table. Alternatively a compact design, tailormade by you to hold your music player and computer. The String system means you can store things behind doors or put them on display. Mount the Museum NM&.045 anywhere on the wall, like a pedestal, or at coffee-cup-height just beside your sofa. The Museum Sideboard is just as flexible, with adjustable height and lightweight enough to be easily moved around. Have a look at the pictures for ideas.